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Pine Valley
by hppav

This level is an attempt to recreate the lost level between IT and LAB. This level is home to the island's Geothermal Power Plant and a few interesting sights. This level is believed to carry a curse with is as every attempt to recreate it in the last 10 years has always just stopped after a certain point. Hppav has already broken the "barrier" and is defeating the curse. He has already recreated the level beyond the point of any previous endeavour. And has done so in a matter of weeks


Jurassic Park Oblivion
by hppav

This project, officially the longest project in TresCom history (in the works since the days of the original Diehard forums), is a total mod of Trespasser set on Isla Nublar. The player assumes the character of Jill, an ex-InGen employee who wishes to blow the lid off of the Jurassic Park coverup. Set in 1996 it predates the Lost World so it doesn't interfere with the canon to those who believe it to be dismantled due to the infamous board room scene. The team currently consists of hppav, TheRaptorKiller, TheGuy, Draconisaurus, Slugger and SecondIlliteration

DX Chronicles
by JPFan95 and TheRaptorKiller

Not much is currently available about this project. JPFan95 stated that "It starts off with Lex & Tim grown up, now in control of InGen. Hammond is long gone, forgotten in a world where his tragedies made him infamous..." Images coming soon.
The Trestanic Experiment
by hppav

hppav hopes to push it to the limit with this attempt to recreate as much of the Titanic as possible IN A SINGLE LEVEL. Can he do it? How much punishment can the Trespasser Engine take? Let's find out by following this project!

This article was last updated on January 3, 2009 by hppav
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