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Diehard is a new Trespasser website focused on creating tutorials, new mod tools, experimenting with the Trespasser engine, creating a new engine, and porting Trespasser to new engines.

Diehard was the name of Madppiper's old server. It contained a message board which became the main Trespasser message board after TSOrd disappeared. The forum evolved into the Trespasser Community in 2002.

Andres disappeared in 2003 and with him came an end to mod tools. A few small scale tools were created but nothing that holds the modding community together more than TresEd, Andres' Trespasser Level Editor. TresEd, however, isn't free of flaws but Andres never left the source code and has proven to be impossible to contact.

That's where this site comes in. This site will attempt to pick up Andres' torch and start the fire that once drove TresCom. You are welcome to join our forums and help us with our goal! For a more inclusive history of TresCom, see the link to the left.

This article was written by hppav on November 15, 2008
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